Snippet from Fantasy Harbor The Warning

Fant picI had no dog on plans on riding in Lionel’s ole raggedy ass truck. Sigh… I wished it wasn’t storming outside. Na’ I had ta’ sit between him and ma’. That meant I’d be right next ta him, and I show didn’t wanna be no where near Lionel. I ate my cereal and turned up tha bowl ta’ drink tha milk out of it.

I went ta’ my room fa’ my book bag and waited fa’ ma’ and Lionel by tha front doe. They came trucking down tha hallway, ma’ had that big ole umbrella out and ready ta’ let it up.

“Come on hea’ goul and get unda this umbrella.” Ma’ said, while she opened up tha front doe ta’ walk out.

Lionel was waiting fa’ me ta’ go out behind ma’, I had ta’ say bye ta’ madea first. “See ya’ later madea.”

“Have a good day Maggie pooh, see ya’ afta’ school. And Lionel you hurry back so you can try ta’ patch them holes up in this ceiling again.” Madea said.

“Okay madea. I’ll take care of it soon as I get back.” Lionel said, all but stuttering at tha same time. I don’t know why he stutters when madea talk ta’ him. It’s like he get nervous or something. I thank he scared of madea.


More Snippets from my Novel Fantasy Harbor The Warning, can be located on this blog, as well as a preview on




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