Knowing your worth and potential



Do you know your worth and potential? I know my worth and I damn sure know my potential. I bust my ass daily to reach my potential. And when I do, I bust my ass again the next day, and so forth and so on. I make it a point to do something constructive daily to help me reach my potential. I write a chapter or two, or three, in my new book daily. I have to keep myself motivated at all times. I love the challenge of motivating myself to write on a constant basis, because the end results can be very rewarding. It’s nothing like completing a book, and knowing that all of the words, thoughts and idea’s came from within. If you can do it once, you can do it twice. The potential is there to potentially be on the New York Best sellers list. I believe in what I do, and all that I’ve done, and where I’ve been, and where I’m going. I know my worth, but it may take others a while to know just how worthy you are. Just know to keep pushing forward and never fret or regret if you set high goals for yourself. YOU know your worth. M.S.E









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