Yep, that’s WRITE…

I’m an author and no one can take that title away from me. I may not be on the level of a well known author just yet, but an author is an author. It wouldn’t matter if I wrote a novel or a paragraph, if I wrote it, damn it, I’m the author of it…I own it, its my words, my thoughts, my work. A wise man once said (not really..hee hee) no matter what, if you write a little or a lot, you’re the author of that piece of work. No author  can throw shade at the other, its the same shit, just a different toilet. Their no more than an author than you are. The only difference is a well known, established author have a lot of fans and make a lot more money. So what if you’re a broke down and out author who haven’t sold not one book, get writers block, and have lost yo mojo, …the bottom line is, YOU ARE AN AUTHOR! It only takes one book to put you on the write track(get it? write track..hee hee) to give you motivation to continue writing regardless of what others think about your writing. There is no wrong or write (I did it again…hee hee) way of being an author. You can be whatever kinda writer you choose to be as an author. If you want to write a book about toe jam and ass crack, guess what, you’re still an author.  Yep that’s write, (and again hee hee) there is always a chance to better yourself as an author. If you feel the need to improve, then improve. If you like your style of writing as an author…then damn it, keep it up! Once an author, always an author, remember, no one can take that away from you…Yep, that’s right…I said it. KLP


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