New year..shut up, stop complaining, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Time has run out for all who complained on how 2013 treated them. SHUT UP and PUT UP! If you want more to happen for you this year so that you can reach your goals, them YOU need to work harder and make it happen! Can’t NOBODY hold you back but YOU! If you want to go bungee jumping off the Empire State building but don’t have the bungee cord to make it happen, go find one. If you can’t find one, make one. Nobody can stop you…well other than the cops… but hey, go for it!

Stop complaining about things that you CAN control. 2013 is a thing in the past, 2014 is a new year and you can own it! Make 2014 your bitch (in the words of Kevin Hart). Take control of what you chose to do this year and leave the pity and the complaints at the door. If you want more, than you have to do more, no one is gonna make it happen for you. M.E.S





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