2014 is approching




As the new year approaches, preparing myself to become a better writer is one of my main resolutions. Although I hardly ever make a new years resolution, I feel that I need to make a couple and stick to them. Writing can always be improved. It’s always a plus to sharpen up your writing skills, to produce better books. My books are selling and I’m so thankful for the support, but I feel as though I can always improve my writing in order to increase my book sells. It takes time for new readers to become familiar with you. I think as a new author looking for your big break after you pour your heart and soul into your new book should keep you motivated. As I mentioned before in another post, all of your readers will not like every book you write, but gaining new readers help build your fan base. It doesn’t matter if you gain two or three new readers, the point is, you’ve gained. For 2014, I plan to take a different approach with my writing skills to improve my fan base. I love writing and I’m pretty versatile when it comes to writing. I’m looking forward to the new year and new readers!


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