Damned if i do!


One thing for sure, I know that I refuse to allow anyone else to tell me what I shouldn’t do. For one, I’m not living for you, I’m living for me. You choose the path you would like to take, and I choose mines. I’ve never been the type of person to tell another person not to follow a dream. I always try to inspire the next to seek after their dreams or goals, of whatever it may be. I’ll be damned if I listen to anyone who tries to brainwash me into thinking my dream is out of reach or too far fetched. Those kind of people are not for you, they are against you. If you allow a person on that caliber to down play you into thinking you can’t do something or its not for you, news flash…you’re around the wrong people. They will root you on from a distance. But please don’t make a name for yourself, they will be the main one’s in the forefront.

Always be your own person and if you think what you’re doing is a good idea or if it’s working for you, stay at it. Work harder at it and in time it will pay off. It doesn’t matter what others think about your endeavors. always listen to self. Because I’ll be damned!


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