Seek until you find



Growing up I figured I wanted to be a school teacher. Then I figured I wanted to be a mortician, then a hair dresser. I did end up becoming a hair dresser, but not a certified cosmetologist. It was kind of the out of the kitchen type beautician, either way, I was a hair dresser. The teacher and mortician dream never came true. Well  they were never a dream of mines, just a want. As I got older and out on my own, I worked odd jobs because I wasn’t sure what I was good at doing, besides hair. Then as time went by I decided I wanted to become a entrepreneur, so I started my own small business. I’m currently a small business owner, but this isn’t fulfilling my appetite. I decided to become an author. It took me one month to write my first novel Grit and Deception, which is 430 pages long. Full of juicy love scene’s with a twist of drama.  I sold a few copies, and still selling a few copies. I’ve also written two other books, and editing a 4th one, and in the middle of two more…yea that’s 6 books in all. I found what fills me up. I love writing and getting feedback from what others perceive of my books. I’m still hustling daily to become more known to households across the country. It’s a job within itself, promoting yourself to get yourself out there more. I don’t mind because its hustling for myself. If I can hustle for an employer to keep their belly’s full, surely I can hustle for myself to satisfy my appetite. I also have a children’s clothing line coming out soon, and I’m excited about that as well. A design that I made from scratch, my thoughts, my very own input. It’s almost like writing a book. You come up with the idea of how you want your storyline to be and you put your thoughts into it and begin to write. Same thing with designing something. I love doing them both and I think I’ve found what I was looking for after all these years. Seek until you find…KLP


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