Jolly Saint Nick……not really…

Jolly ole Saint Nick is loading his sleigh preparing it for his many delivers. So they say…I know better, but the kids are looking forward to seeing the fat, red cheeked man with the snow white beard to come sliding down the chimney. They have their cookies and milk sitting on a nearby table for him to eat up, once he leaves their wish list full of toys. Some are so antsy that they cant sleep thru the night for waiting on the big jolly man. There is nothing wrong with the kids thinking there isa Santa, let them keep their innocents for as long as they can. Kids grow up so fast these days. When they get old enough to know there is no fat white man dumping his wide behind down their chimneys, they stop believing in all of the other make believe characters. They find out there aint no Santa, Ester bunny or tooth fairy. They will learn that mommie and daddy, are the culprits behind all of the gift giving, money giving and Ester egg hunting. Jolly ole Saint Nick does the trick to keep your kids out of time out. If you tell them if they get into trouble or misbehave, Old Saint Nick wont pay them a visit with gifts, but only with coal. They will ship up and fly right until that time comes and past, and their back to their regular routine until the next gift giving Holliday. Don’t get it wrong, not all kids buy into the hype, but mines sure did. Saint Nick, the tooth fairy and the Ester bunny, helped mines stay on the straight and narrow. Everytime I had to raise my voice at them, I would say, okay remember, Santa wont bring you anything for Christmas, only a lump of coal for acting up. That usually did the trick and they would govern themselves because they looked forward to seeing jolly ole Saint Nick. So even though I know he doesn’t exists, but the little ones thinks he does and they look forward to unwrapping their gifts that Santa dropped off..(mommie and daddy wink wink).


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