What’s up? Chicken butt…

As a child growing up there were so many sayings we used that we thought were cool. Now as an adult, those sayings don’t sound so cool now. Never the last, I did learn to write poems from them. Not making a poem about chicken butt,(hee hee hee) but learning to rhyme my words in my poems. From writing poems, I learned how to write short stories that I pulled from my poems, and from that, I wrote a novel. Things I learned as a kid prepared me for my future…not everything that I learned, but things of this nature.  When I write, I try to remember all the times I wrote my poems and how serious I was when I wrote them. I wanted it to be felt and meaningful. I wanted a lot of substance throughout my poems. Today, I’m the same way with my books. I want my readers to feel what I’m writing. As I said in a past blog post, my books doesn’t appeal to everyone. But for the ones it do, I like for it to be a page turner for them. I am however, a work in progress. Success is my fuel.


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