Reckless Instincts Snippet #3!

I walked for an hour so it seemed. I finally turned around and walked back towards the house. A guy in a candy apple red corvette pulled up as I walked. He was eager to get my attention, but I look straight ahead. I didn’t feel like being bothered. Then he began saying things to get me to notice him. “Hey, red bone, where you walking to all by yourself? Can I walk with you?”

I yanked my head in his direction and strongly shouted, “No!”

“Damn, why you so mean? I was just trying to be nice to you.”

“Thank you, but no thank you. I’m not interested.”

He squeals off, but not before yelling, “Well fuck you then bitch!”

That shit didn’t faze me. It aint like I haven’t been called a bitch before. I continued my walk and I heard someone call my name. It was my friends Javen and Dawn, I was glad to see them. “Hey guys!”

Dawn. “Hey girl, where are you coming from? And why are you walking?”

Javen. “Yea, where’s your care dude? If I had that nice ass BMW, I’d never walk.”

I chuckled. “It’s at home; damn I can’t take a stroll?”

“Your mom must have pissed you off again. I know that’s the only time you strike out walking.” Dawn said.

“Girl, you already know. She really got under my skin today though. She gets on my damn nerves.”

“You and your moms been having it out every since you graduated.” Javen said.

“Really before that, I just never mentioned it to ya’ll before. She’s been pissy with me every since I was like fifteen years old. Ya’ll know I used to do a lot of pageants and modeling. Well…she wanted me to stay focused on becoming this world renowned, super model.

I hope you all enjoyed the snippet from my novel Reckless instincts.!! I will load one more snippet from the novel, as I wrap it up!


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