Make it happen!




Imma start this post off like this….Get off ya ass and make shit happen! Nobody is gonna give you anything! If you wanna live good and become successful, guess what? You’re gonna have to work for it! There aint nobody handing out free meal tickets for you to become successful. Why should they? If you think that way, your best bet is to do some serious soul searching from within, because you’re living in lala land. Nobody owes you anything. The sooner you realize that, the better off you are. We all have to crawl before we walk…so get ta’ crawling. If you’re not trying to do anything for your future, then that’s fine too. But don’t complain when the next person succeed in their goals. Why complain, when you can stop throwing a damn pity party for yourself and  make some shit happen! True I’m an author, and an entrepreneur, but hell, I have to bust my ass daily to gain new readers and more customers. This shit isn’t easy, it’s not a walk in the park by far. But guess what? I’m making moves! They may be slow moves, but damnit, I’m moving and that’s all that matters. Get yo life…MAKE IT HAPPEN! #TeamKLP…


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