Who tha hell are you?

Don’t you just hate it when people (MOSTLY friends and family) root you on when you tell them about a new idea you have to better yourself, but only to feel that they aren’t so happy for you? That shit kills me when people do that. For one, why blow smoke up my ass to make me feel good? Is that the humans nature? Or is some of them truly genuine about how they feel about you and your new idea. Then you have some who will ask you if you think that’s a good idea? Hell, if I didn’t think it was a good idea, why in the hell would I try it?! Really? Who tha hell are you to try and persuade me into thinking other wise? Don’t give your opinion, when it wasn’t asked for. Its only when your new idea brings in a lot of money, that they start believing in you. That’s real damn sad. Then you won’t be able to keep them out your ass at that point. They will be all for you after the fact. You will know the ones who are truly happy for you and they will show you with their support.  It’s like you have to prove yourself to the rest of them for them to show you any support. Talking is one thing, showing is another. Who tha hell are you?


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