NEW NEW NEW!!!!!!!! Snippet from my new suspense drama novel Reckless Instincts!

My name is Phoebe Axton. I live on the North side of Chicago in a fairly decent neighborhood, close to Lincoln Park with my parents and little brother Jordan. My father is Caucasian and my mother is African American, mixed with Puerto Rican. I thought life would be easy for me because of my fair skin and pretty, silk long hair. I’ve always gotten how cute I was growing up as a child, those words stuck with me as I got older. From the ripe old age of four, my mother would always enlist me into beauty pageants, and I would win most of the time. After the pageants, came the modeling. She felt that I could be one of the best models around. By the time I was a teenager, and grew more into a young lady, I too thought I could become a top model. I thought maybe I could get a modeling job with Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, or Maybelline.

My dreams of becoming a world renowned super model went away just as fast as my beauty. I began seeing mounds of pimples appear on my face and my hair wasn’t as silky and long anymore. I went from being a slim and trim size 3 with a B cup breast size, to a size 8 and my breast grew to a size D. I looked more like an average teenager by this time. I felt like every since I hit the puberty stage it had stolen my beauty. I’m nineteen now, but I look like I’m twenty five. My mother says I’m a lost cause, because of how she felt I let myself go. I didn’t let myself go; I was a growing teen who needed guidance from my mother, not beauty tips. I think it was more of her dream for me to become a super model, than it was for me. I became a model, but not a super model and a far cry from being anyone’s role model.

I hope you enjoyed it! More snippets to come!!!


2 thoughts on “NEW NEW NEW!!!!!!!! Snippet from my new suspense drama novel Reckless Instincts!

  1. Okay now I need to read more about Phoebe. Got me very interested in this character. I have to know what’s going on with her. Great job!!!!

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