Snippet from my newest novel Fantasy Harbor The Warning….

This book is based on a little girl named Maggie Finch, in the early 1970’s. The story’s setting is from the deep south, Tupelo Mississippi. Ebonics and southern draw is the tone this book is set in to go with the time and place.


“I can’t wait til’ that day comes! I have to start wearing maxi pads and stuff like you be wearing. Madea don’t have to wear those thangs do she?”

“Naw goul she don’t. And you thank you gone be happy to see it. Them periods aint what they cracked up to be.” Momma said, shaking her finga up and down, eye brows lifting up from they place and her head tilted to tha side a lil’ bit.

“Yea I am momma. Imma be happy to get it. Did madea period dry up or something? Why don’t she have it no mo’?”

“Goul, when you get old like momma is, it goes away. That’s called men-o-pause. It dries up everythang in ya body.”

“Yuck, it dries up everythang momma? I don’t wanna get old. I wanna stay young fa’ eva’.”


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