Follow me on twitter!


Ok so I’m pretty new to twitter. I thought since I’m an author and a new one at that, I needed to be on damn near every social network to build my audience. So I decided to do twitter. So far I have a handful of followers…not many, but hey, a follower is a follower. If I only had 1, hell I have a follower. One follower can speak volume and that in turn will cause my audience to grow. I’m no fool, I’ll take whatever I can get to help expose me more. I am a new author and I aint too proud to beg…(TLC song, I love that song). I’m a self published author, so that means you have to hustle hustle hustle to gain new readers. And damn it, that’s what I’m doing. I’m my own and very best promoter! Who can promote me better than myself? Myself! So come on and join me…well follow me on twitter!!! ANDITHANKYA!


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