Grit and Deception

Books Books Books!!!

Ladies and Gents, check out my novel Grit and Deception. Hot steamy, romance, erotica, novel. If you want to read a book that will have your palms sweaty and other areas moist, from reading it, check out this novel. If this one sounds like too much for you, check out my Men Who Do They Think They Are?, its a novel about what kind of men to look out for. No its not like Steve Harvey’s Act like a Lady Think like a man, but it gives you advise on certain men type. A fun read I must say and its for men and women to read. If you’re in to the paranormal, I have that covered for you as well. The Un-Rested Soul of Mrs. Allison, a true story from the early 80’s. Fantasy Harbor The Warning coming soon and so is Reckless Instincts! Check out my pages for snippets of each book.

Get Your copies today on or Barnes and Nobles!!


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