Believe in your writing

Sometimes we doubt ourselves when it comes to our own creative writing styles. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, author, student, or any person who writes as a passion, to make money or for the hell of it. Believe in it. If you don’t believe in it, then it may show in your writing. All writers aren’t strong writers, but always believe in what you write. Your style of writing may not be for everyone. It’s just like when it comes to dating, there is someone for everyone. I thought I had to write similar to so and so, but I grew out of that just as fast as the thought crossed my mind. Everyone doesn’t like the writing style of so and so, so I wrote in a style that works for me and my readers enjoy my books.  I had to believe in myself and what I wrote, and what I write about. Past and present, I follow my own philosophy. If you believe, you can achieve!


If you could have a writing style of any well known author or blogger, who would you chose? Why would you chose that particular person?


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