Writers block

Ladies and gents. don’t you just love writers block? Hell no, is the answer I’m more than certain. I’ve never experienced writers block before, and I’m sure some where on down the road I will. There are so many issues that arise, that causes a person to have writers block. We know how you get it, but how do you get over it? How do you dig yourself out of that rut you’re in, to complete your next chapter, sentence, or paragraph? My advise is to take a day, or two break away from your writing to relax or focus on another issue at hand. Because trust me, if you have others issues at hand, hell, those will keep you from writing the quality work that you’re use to writing. Unless you have an issue with a wife or your husband, now those issue can become a novel all on it’s own. It could become a best seller for you. lol..Either way, you have to stay stress free as much as you can, so that you can maintain your healthy writing style. Stay motivated and elevated!

4 thoughts on “Writers block

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