Coming soon! The first snippet from my newset novel..Reckless Instinct

As an author I try to write new material on the regular. All of my books, aren’t for everybody. I try to write about things that could potentially reel in new readers, all the time. I have a women’s guide, a paranormal short story, and a romance/erotica novel. I like to write in different ranges, so that I can cater to all of my supporters. Fantasy Harbor, will be a mixture of drama, romance, and suspense. Reckless Instinct, is a Suspense/murder mystery, mixed with drama. A novel about a girl name Phoebe Axton. She finds herself in way over her head when she meets this guy who offers her a job that’s too good to be true. Things will unravel right before her eye’s, but yet her reckless instincts will blindside her from all of the danger she would soon face…until it’s too late.

That’s just a small gest of what the novel is about. Fantasy Harbor The Warning, will soon be released. This is a 3 book series, and The Warning, will be series 1.


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