Final snippets from Fantasy Harbor The Warning

**Read and Enjoy**


Madea had me help her pack up her summa clothes. She had a handful of dresses, and that was bout it. I didn’t know why she wanted to put up them lil’ clothes fa’. My summa was real boring. I didn’t wanna play with tha kids down tha street and I didn’t wanna stay in tha house all summa. I was stuck, stuck in Tupelo Mississippi. I planned to go ova Clea’s house for a few days, but aunt Gert and them had to work, so I couldn’t go til’ tha weekend. Clea was sent ova to her other madea G house during tha week. Low and behold, Lionel ended up getting a job on Mr. Earl’s farm. I was so glad that he got a job. He was away from tha house mo’ and momma seemed mo’ happy about it too. He was too tied to do anythang else when he came in. He would come in, bath and hit tha sack.



I was so dog on happy to be getting dropped off at Clea’s house for a few days. Away from Lionel, away from madea and her bengay smell and away from momma keeping me shut up in tha house. It felt like I was out of town and away from em’ all. I hadn’t been to Clea’s house in a long, long time. I ran to they doe, and knocked hard, hard as I could. Momma told me to stop banging on them folks doe that away. I wanted to make show they heard me knocking. I was surprised that Lionel old rusty, loud truck didn’t let em’ know I was outside befoe I knocked.




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