Snippet from The Un-Rested Soul of Mrs. Allison by Kassie Leigh Perkins

*Read and enjoy.*


The Un-Rested Soul of Mrs. Allison, is a short story, a true story about a haunting
that took place in the early 1980’s. Terrorized by an unseen force, one that
would soon veer its ugly head and let it’s presence be known to all. Nene, was
the first to notice the strange occurrences, but couldn’t find the words to tell
her parents. She felt that no one would believe her, if she spoke a word about
it. Her black cat Misty would become her protector. Misty wasn’t always around,
and when she wasn’t, the terror became heightened.

Chapter 6

Fall was slowly approaching and the summer break was about over. I was excited about starting school for the first time. My cousin Tawanna had came up from Wilmot right before the break was over. I was happy to see her. I had someone my age to play with for a few days. We made mud pies and played hopscotch. My cousin and I would get under my covers at night with my dads flashlight and talk about how we wanted a big house when we got grown, and how many kids we wanted. We would talk for hours, until we both felt sleepy. The last night before it was time for her to go back home, she said while she was in the bathroom bathing she saw a woman. I told her that I thought I saw the same thing when we first moved into the house. I knew then, that I really did see a woman, standing in our bedroom window.

Tawanna was ready to go home, she wanted to sleep with the covers over her head. I couldn’t see how she could stand sleeping with her head under the covers. She was really afraid. The next day, she was up bright and early, packed and ready to go. I hated to see her leave, but I knew she had to get back home. She was happy to be leaving. Made me wonder had she seen something else and didn’t tell me. School started back up and I was happy to meet new friends. I met a pair of twins, Kamica and Tameka, they were really nice girls. My siblings and I would walk from our house to school everyday, about a mile and a half from our house. I liked walking to school, until it got cold. I hated walking to school during the winter months.


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