Author Central…More snippets from Fantasy Harbor The Warning

Fantasy Harbor The warning will be released by the end of November, early December. Be sure to pick up a copy at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, or smashwords!


Maggie Finch was born and raised in Tupelo Mississippi,
in the late 1970’s. She always wished for the finer things in life. For her to
be as young as she was, she knew what she wanted at an early age, and she had
plans on how to get it. Strong, feisty and a force to be reckoned with helped
build her tough girl attitude. Her step father Lionel, will be the first one to
get a weft of her wrath, once he touches her in ways a step father shouldn’t. Her
best friend Lizzy and her cousin Clea, both are her closet allies. She
cherishes their opinions and loves them like a sister. But her head strong
attitude, will force a wedge between them. Living with her madea, helped mold
her, at times when her mother couldn’t. Her mother was a good force in her
life, but madea was the main force in her life. Maggie learned a lot from
madea, and she will carry those values with her for many years to come. Maggie
wants out of Mississippi, and one day she will set the trails ablaze. When she does, morals, values and
good judgment, taught to her by her mother and madea, will soon diminish.



Snippet #2

When we got outside, befoe any fun could happen, My cousin Clea said, “So ya’ thank you’s a teenaga na’ since ya’ got a training bra? You’s only nine years old, I’m eleven; I’m closer to a teenaga than you is. You aint even got titties for that training bra.”

My otha cousins laughed at what she said. I rolled my eyes and my neck, with my hands sticking to my hips, I said, “What’s it to ya’, that I aint got titties? My momma thought I had enuff to buy me a training bra. I don’t got to be no teenaga to have a bra. Besides, you eleven years old and don’t even got nothing but a flat chest.”

“I aint got no flat chest, I got mo’ than what you got, that’s fa’ show. I bet that training bra was a hand-me-down, just like all tha rest of yo’ clothes.”

All I could think about was throwing a hand full of dirt in her face…and that’s what I did. I bent down and cuffed my hand full of dirt, and tossed it right in her face. Then I punched her in tha stomach. She doubled over. “Forget you Clea!” I screamed. Our cousins Carell and Dolly was trying to hold me back; I wanted to punch her again. Clea, bent down holding her stomach, wiping her eyes, all at tha same time.

She began to cry and shouted, “You smut face heathen!” I’m gonna kick yo’ lil’ ass for this!” Carell and Dolly, was shocked she cussed…I wasn’t. She’s cussed me befoe…I cuss back.

“You aint gone do shit Clea!” I screamed. She stood up, dusted herself off and charged me, head first.

Dolly and Carell ran in tha house to get a grown-up. We pulled, tugged, punched and rolled in tha dirt. I tried to get my hands around her neck; she was sitting on top of my stomach, punching me in my face. I rolled her off of me and began punching her in her face. By tha time I drew back to punch her again, my step diddy pulled me off of her. “What tha hell ya’ll thank ya’ll doing out here?!” He yelled.

My momma came running out, madea stood in tha screen doe, shaking her head. My momma grabbed me by tha arm, “Mag, why was you on top of her fighting?

“Momma she started it!” I was breathing hard and mad.

“I didn’t start nothing, she threw dirt in my face and punched me in tha stomach!”

“Hush Clea!” My momma yelled.

“But, auntie I’m telling tha truth.”

“And, what did you do fa’ her to throw dirt in yo’ face and punch cha’ in tha stomach?”

I wasn’t gonna let her get away with lying like she always do.

I wiped tha dirt off me and said, “She said my training bra is a hand-me-down, just like tha rest of my clothes.”

“Clea, did you say that?” Clea eyes moved down to tha ground, her head drops with em.

“I asked you a question lil’ goul, did you say that?” Momma asked, real mad like.

“Yes ma’am, I said it.” Clea said all with her head still hanging low.




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I will post one more snippet from Fantasy Harbor The Warning soon! Stay tuned!

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