Snippets from my newest novel Fantasy Harbor

Snippet from the intro. Getting to know Maggie Finch.

Maggie Finch was born and raised in the deep south, in the city of Tupelo Mississippi
in the late 1970’s. She always wished for the finer things in life. For her to
be as young as she was, she knew what she wanted at an early age, and she had
plans on how to get it. Strong, feisty and a force to be reckoned with helped
build her tough girl attitude. Her step father Lionel, will be the first one to
get a weft of her wrath, once he touches her in ways a step father shouldn’t. Her
best friend Lizzy and her cousin Clea, both are her closest allies. She
cherishes their opinions and loves them like a sister. But her head strong
attitude, will force a wedge between them.

Snippets from Fantasy Harbor…Novel By Kassie Leigh Perkins

“I ripped open tha big box, with the pink, green, yellow and turquoise, printed paper. Everybody was cheesing, while I shredded tha paper to pieces, trying to get into my gift. Finally…I almost scraped off my pink Barbie nail polish; I put on hours befoe my birthday party, fighting to open my present. Once I had it opened, I wasn’t too happy about what peeked thru tha clear plastic package. It was a tall white, walking doll, with tha eyes that closed, once you laid it down. I was let down, big as the box was; I surely thought I had a riding stick pony, since I couldn’t get tha real thang. Everybody was still looking over my shoulda’s, waiting for me to move on to tha next gift. My cousins Clea, Dolly, and Carell, were thrilled to see I had a new doll. I wasn’t. I get tha same doll every year, different size, different hair color. They get bigga by tha year, and every year, I’m no happier with em’, than tha next. I’m getting too old for dolls…sigh…Clea, on tha otha hand, was giggling way too much. I’m show she got a kick out of me getting anotha stupid doll.

I moped, while opening tha rest of tha gifts. I slowly reached for tha small gift, wrapped in red shiny wrapping paper. It looked like some of tha same paper that covered my gifts at Christmas. My smile was no mo’. I couldn’t even pretend to be happy, afta’ my first gift. Everybody in tha room felt my sadness. My momma shouts, “Go head baby, open it up.” I began tearing tha paper slowly. I could see tha corner of something hard, with floral print. I continued to un-wrap tha gift, it was some kinda book. A book…really? They bought me a stupid book? I almost burst into tears. I had it completely opened by na’, and to my surprise it wasn’t just a book, it was a diary. I got my first diary! I always wanted one. It had tha lock and key to it. My smile came back slightly. I bet Clea, doesn’t have a diary, I don’t see her giggling na’. I grabbed another box, a tad bit bigga than tha box I just opened. It was wrapped in sheer pink fabric. Tha fabric looked like it came from a pair of mommas’ underwear. I couldn’t help but wonder what was wrapped inside. I tore it open quickly; I saw a small white piece of fabric, with two straps attached to it.  Could it be what I think it is?! My eyes widened and my gap came visible again, it was a training bra! My first bra! This was tha best gift eva!”


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